Our Story

When you are ready to take that first step, I will take it with you.

Your goal becomes my goal.

I will encourage you.

I will motivate you.

I will help you deliver.   


Jim’s story:

I’ve always loved my fitness, committing to personal training as a full time career has been the best professional decision that I have ever made.

For me, being a personal trainer is totally rewarding on so many levels. Helping my clients transform their fitness, health and overall well being is fantastically rewarding.

All of the exercises and routines are personally tailored to suit each client’s needs and personal goals. It’s a privilege to be part of my clients’ transformations, seeing their strength, agility and confidence levels improve.


We work with both men and women of all ages and all levels of experience who want to transform the way they look and feel.  Whether you are in good condition, but just want to push yourself that bit harder or build a bit more muscle / have exercised for many years and have perhaps just slipped away from it / not exercised since your teens or maybe never had the confidence to EVER exercise, it doesn’t make any difference.  Many people find the phrase ‘Personal Trainer’ daunting and believe it’s beyond their scope.  It’s not.   Take your first step, with us. 

Jacqueline’s story:

My earliest memory of exercise is joining in the weekly aerobics class in our village hall with my Mum who also loved exercising daily. From then I was hooked and it simply became as normal a part of my routine as brushing my teeth. It is something I still thoroughly enjoy and I love to see the ‘buzz’ it gives clients when they realise their dedication and hard work is producing the results they want. In the last 10 years or so I have become even more aware of the importance of exercise for both mental and physical wellbeing – especially during the nightmare of Covid, 2020/21.

When Jim and I chose to develop GymHaugh by building our 2nd gym, we did so knowing the community would massively benefit from a professional, safe and superbly equipped place to train. I hugely admire my husband’s commitment to his clients –  he is often organising group outings such as hill walking outwith his busy working week and genuinely thinks of all our clients as friends.

Behind the scenes I deal with all operational matters, Covid-19 compliance, your registration, bookings, change of details, ongoing training, GDPR & general Health and Safety compliance.

In every way you can rest assured, when you choose to train with GymHaugh, you are in the most experienced and safest of hands.

Email us or call on 07740 227739

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