A full range of gym equipment is available at the Gym Haugh fitness training studio in Sandhead which, together with a one-to-one personal fitness training regime, will help keep you motivated to achieve your fitness goals. All the following new equipment has been added to our new gym created in September 2019:


  • Force read deltoid machine
  • Technogym leg press
  • Vertical leg press
  • Force Abductor machine
  • Force Adductor machine
  • Technogym leg extension
  • Force seated leg curl
  • Force lower back machine
  • Life Fitness tricep machine
  • Force seated row
  • Body Solid cable machine
  • PowerGym Sissi squat machine
  • Force glute machine
  • Force seated calf machine
  • Cybex assisted pull-up machine
  • Cybex treadmills x 2
  • Bodymax rowing machine
  • Impulse seated shoulder press
  • Impulse seated chest press
  • Force Pec Dec T-bar row machine
  • Bodymax half-squat rack
  • Body Solid preacher
  • Force torso machine
  • Johnson lat pull-down machine
  • Star Trac spinning bike
  • Battle ropes
  • Power sled
  • Medicine balls
  • Slam balls
  • Dumbbells
  • Olympic weights
  • Olympic bumper weights
  • FXR sit-up benches
  • Penalty Box
  • Kettlebells x 25
  • Body Solid Hyper Extension
  • Astro turf for sled workouts


The ultimate boxing training station. Each pad has been set up specifically to replicate different styles of punching, allowing the participant to throw any punch, or any combination of punches while delivering an unparalleled boxing experience.

This truly unique product combined with this effective program will change the face of fitness boxing. In roughly 30 minutes you will experience a workout like no other. A 5 minute warm up followed by 7 active punching rounds and 7 active recovery rounds each 90 seconds long. Through the course of this workout you will hit every aspect of conditioning training both aerobically and anaerobically in an interval format like no other.




  • Treadmill
  • Bodymax Spinning Bike

Weight Training Machines

  • Powertec Workbench
  • Gymano Cable Machine
  • Cybex Adductor Machine
  • Cybex Pecdec Machine
  • Cybex Shoulder Press Machine
  • Guardian Powersport Lying Leg Curl
  • Body Solid Vertical Leg Press
  • Life Fitness Lying Leg Press
  • Bodymax Multi-Gym with Lat Pulldown and Leg Extension
  • Body Solid Seated Rowing Machine
  • T Bar Row Machine
  • Powerline Glutes Machine
  • Body Solid Lat Pull Down
  • Body Solid Preacher Bench


  • Olympic Weights: 1.5kg – 25kg
  • Dumbbells: 1.5kg – 40kg
  • Medicine balls: 3kg, 5kg and 8kg
  • Swiss Ball
  • Boxing Gloves
  • Boxing Pads
  • BBE Punchbag
  • Bodypower Punch Man
  • Bodymax Weight Training Bench
  • Bodymax Ab Bench
  • Wondercore Abs Bench
  • Stepper Boxes
  • Ripcords
  • Slam Balls: 6kg / 8kg / 10kg / 12kg / 15kg

Outdoor Garden and Beach Circuit

“When the weather is good we move some of our equipment outside so you have the choice to work to do your workout in the sunshine enjoying the picturesque view of Sandhead beach.” 

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